Winter Nights Mean Movie Nights!

As the nights get darker and a lot colder, the boys tend to swap outdoors for indoors and shorts and t-shirts for snuggly PJs. This suits me just fine! The tough part is keeping the three of them occupied inside on a rainy Sunday - that’s where family movie time kicks in.

We often have Friday family movie night where we order pizza in, eat and chill out together as a family. If work or social commitments prevent that from happening, well, we just have a lazy Sunday afternoon instead!

LG kindly offered us one of their new OLED TVs, the LG OLED AI ThinQ™ C9 to try, and WOW, it’s really switched up our movie experience. There are some fantastic animated movies out there right now, and the TV’s fine details and vivid colours really brought the cinema experience to our comfy sofa. The new LG range of TVs also come with Google Assistant. You may be mid-eye-roll, thinking this is just gadget overload, but with three inquisitive boys who spend most of any movie asking random questions, I used it far more than I thought! Google Assistant has made movie night an interactive family experience, for example we were watching Mowgli-Legend of The Jungle, and so many wildlife and jungle questions came up. Favourites such as, “Are there wolves in Australia?”, “Can I be hypnotised by a giant snake?” and “Why do elephants have tusks?”. The boys found it fun to ask questions and try and guess the answers too.

LG TV 1.jpg

Once the kids are in bed, then it’s time for Sam and I to unwind and watch a movie that doesn’t have monsters or wizards or talking animals. We found older movies that star 80’s Mel Gibson looked better than the first time around. This is thanks to the improved in-built LG Alpha-Gen 2 intelligent processor, which upscales and updates older films to look incredible.

With all this technology I thought that LG TVs would be hugely expensive, however the range has lots of models at different price points and benefits, so you can choose which model suits you and your family’s needs. Choose from a big screen for the living room, or a smart TV with a smaller screen for the kids or rumpus room.

The biggest challenge now is getting us off the couch and away from binging the new series of The Handmaids Tale, while Sam is glued to the football!